About Inferology

Inferology is a unique Training & Career Services firm that develops, mentors and places qualified professionals in the rapidly growing Data Sciences field.

Our courses and corporate modules provide authentic, results-driven analytics expertise critical to decision-making in corporate and public spheres. Graduates of Inferology will lead their organizations’ efforts to understand and excel in the ever-growing data saturation unique to our digitized world.

Inferology’s growing community of data scientists, engineers, finance professionals, and academics represents a powerfully diverse team of experts who share a common passion for the data sciences and how they can change the world–both in the corporate/commercial sphere and for the public good.

Inferology can help drive the future of Data Science by providing individuals, corporations, and organizations with the critically important brain power and project expertise central to Big Data solutions.

We are tremendously excited to invite analytics professionals, corporations, and organizations to join our community of Big Thinkers and Big Do-ers in the rapidly evolving world of Big Data.


Chuck Vallurupalli   Founder

Frequent innovation in technology always creates a demand for newer and more relevant skills. Inferology allows me to fulfill my mission of nurturing talent with deep analytical skills required to take advantage of ever expanding and complex data.

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Infer-ology /inˈfəräləjē/ - The Art and Science of Inferring What Matters.