What is your mentorship program all about?

For those pursuing a new or better career in the Data Sciences, the process can seem daunting with a myriad of unknowns. To help guide participants of our Data Science program navigate the inevitable challenges, we’ve brought together thought leaders across various disciplines. Our mentors provide essential insight for the serious student and come from specialized backgrounds ranging from advanced analytics and quant research to academics and entrepreneurship.

Do you offer certifications?

We do. Our certifications establish you as a qualified resource in the Data Science community and is a great differentiator in today’s open source software space. It provides tangible evidence to your prospective employers and customers of your Big Data skills.

Your fees are comparatively low. How can you ensure high quality education?

The modest tuition that we charge is used to ensure we have the highest caliber industry experts teach our courses. We don’t cut corners. We earn our keep by finding our students jobs and finding our corporate clients highly trained employees. In this way, we our interests are completely aligned with yours so we are 100% invested in your success.

What are the profiles of the companies you teach?

Attendees of our Corporate Training include innovative technology startups as well as multi-nationals corporations. They represent a wide array of verticals to include internet, financial service firms, health care, pharma, retail and governament agencies.

Do you offer courses in specific fields such as finance or health care?

We are currently developing specific domain expertise. If you have an interest in any particular area – either as student or instructor for Inferology, please Contact Us.

What are the options for training our employees?

Company sponsored employees may attend our scheduled courses in your city. We also provide onsite training at your office location.

Do I have to sign up for your Data Science program or can I just take select courses?

Taking select courses is fine. Our Professional Training encompasses our Data Science program (core sequence) and Elective Courses built for the wider technology community. Those who choose to complete the program are eligible for placement by our Career Services team.

What are the prerequisites for your Data Science program?

Participants must have an affinity for math and a ideally some proficiency in programming. Without those, you’ll have to work exponentially harder. What makes a good data scientist great? Creativity with data, skepticism and good communication skills. If you have the above and an inquiring mind, we’ll help with the rest.

Do I need to use your data resources or can I work on my own computer at home / work?

You will need to have your own laptop for homework assignments and group projects. Please refer to the specific hardware and software course requirements at the registration page.

How long is the Data Science program and how is it taught?

The program runs approximately eight weeks and is typically two evenings and one partial Saturday. We believe strongly in group participation and interactive, hands-on training. Accordingly, all of Inferology’s courses are currently delivered in the traditional classroom setting via Instructor Led Training.

Do you offer online courses?

At present we provide Instructor Led Training in the traditional classroom setting given our high standard of excellence in delivery of education. We are testing online, real-time interactive training modes and, should they meet our quality metric in terms of student experience, we may indeed offer this medium.

Are jobs guaranteed for people who complete your courses?

While we can’t guarantee placement, we are 100% dedicated to finding you the best career match that interests you most. We’ll work with our partners and corporate clients on your behalf.

How will you help me find a career?

We work closely with our corporate clients and partners as well as utilize our extensive national network to find you a career in Data Science.

What type of jobs do you fill?

We are 100% focused on careers in the Data Sciences for participants of our Professional Training program. This allows us to develop specialized resources across our corporate, professional, partner and academic networks. Typical roles can include traditional analytics but increasingly are found in the rapidly growing Big Data space. See our Career Services section for common titles we place.

Do you only train to become a “Data Scientist”?

The title Data Scientist – and it’s a newly minted one – can be intimidating to some. It need not be. There are many roles to be filled on an analytics team with an even wider array of skills. So rather than getting hung up on titles, we prefer to focus on helping participants first become real contributors and critical thinkers in the Data Science career that we may help them find, whether its called “Predictive Modeler”, “Data Miner” or something in between.

What about the option of returning to university for a degree in Data Science?

At the other end of the spectrum from free online courses are the full-fledged university programs. There are some great colleges beginning to offer Data Science curriculums. It’s a real signal how seriously the educational system sees Big Data driving the U.S. economy for years to come.

If you are seeking a career in Data Science and don’t yet have a solid foundation in math and science, returning to university may well be the best choice. If, however, you are comfortable in these areas and consider yourself a critical thinker, Inferology may be a great alternative. We provide the skills needed for a career in Data Science, real world experience and can work on your behalf to find the best career match.

I’m interested in a new (or better) career in Data Science. Can’t I just take some online courses?

We like online courses, too. In fact, we encourage participants to use various ones in preparation for our program.

The aspiring Data Scientist, however, invariably asks: Which classes should I take and in what sequence? How do I really go about running a Big Data project from start to finish? Are there any courses that teach the unglamorous but ‘must know’ skills? While online courses can augment your Data Science studies, we believe the best solution resides in a fully immersive experience. So we place great emphasis on hands-on instruction (how better to learn?), small classes, 1:1 mentorship and career services.

How will I know if a career in Data Science is a good fit for me?

If you have an affinity for math and consider yourself a critical thinker you are off to a good start as these are essential traits. So is the ability to ask the right questions and then convey your solution. It takes time and experience to become an effective Data Scientist but if you have a passion for figuring out complex problems and teasing out knowns from the unknowns, this is an exciting time. Data Science is projected to grow exponentially in the coming decade and with it the demand for talent. We welcome any questions you may have for us.

Infer-ology /inˈfəräləjē/ - The Art and Science of Inferring What Matters.