What We Do

Inferology provides unique training and career services for corporations and professionals seeking Big Data and Data Science skills, talent and careers. Here’s how:

In-Demand Skills Training

Big Data management, analytics, visualization and data science. MapReduce, statistical pattern recognition, data mining and machine learning. Hadoop ecosystem, NoSQL, NewSQL, R, Python, Mahout, D3, Weka and Gephi.

Flexible Curriculum

Modular, short duration and sequence of courses for working professionals. Comprehensive, longer duration immersion for students and graduates.

Hands-On Learning

Practical, applied and hands-on exercises to use tools and techniques on data and find actionable insights. Projects using open and industry data. Prototype, iterate, debug and solve. Retain and use what you learn beyond the classroom.

Industry Mentorship

Interaction with data scientists. Advice on choosing the right projects. Input on your projects and presentations. Guest lectures covering industry use cases and success stories. Career advice, coaching and encouragement.

Job Readiness

Business acumen in addition to technical skills. Asking the right questions. Identifying business needs. Delivering data products on time, at the expected quality and within budgets. Communicating and presenting insights effectively. Gaining confidence to contribute on day one in company specific data science environment.

Rewarding Careers

Data scientists are in great demand. Work with early adopters and visionary companies using data and analytics for creating a sustainable competitive advantage and delighting customers.

Infer-ology /inˈfəräləjē/ - The Art and Science of Inferring What Matters.