Career Seekers

Inferology will not only train you for a career in the Data Sciences, we’ll work on your behalf until you we’ve found the position right for you.

Our program is delivered by leading Data Scientists and academics in intensive 4-6 week classes uniquely designed to give you the experience employers are demanding. Additionally, our curriculum is designed to be completed in the shortest period of time possible, while still providing an education of exceptional value.

At the completion of our Data Science Program, graduates will have attained industry-level experience running Big Data projects from start-to-finish and are qualified for placement by Inferology Career Services.


  • Qualify for job placement
  • Hands on, real world, immersive and intensive training by Data Scientists
  • Mentoring by industry experts
  • Coaching, counseling and networking
  • Cost effective education
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Infer-ology /inˈfəräləjē/ - The Art and Science of Inferring What Matters.