Data Science Part 1 of 3 – How Do You Describe Your Data?

Data Science skills required to handle Big Data include a combination of skills in three broad categories – Big Data Management, Big Data Analytics and Big Data Visualization. MapReduce and NoSQL are some of the key skills required for Big Data Management. Basic and advanced statistics as well as machine learning are some of key skills required for Big Data Analytics. This first of the three part FREE Data Science webinar series titled “How Do You Describe Your Data?” covers some of the fundamental statistical concepts.

The other two webinars will cover the topics “What Questions Can Data Answer?” and “What Methods Can Be Used to Analyze Data?“.

Here are all the files from the webinar. The files include the presentation as well as all the “R” animation files used to illustrate the data science concepts. You can play around with these files with the “R” open source data analysis software.


Just to recap, in this webinar Dr. Bill Shannon (Founder & President of BioRankings and a Professor of Biostatistics in Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis) presented how data is described by the language of statistics and probability and how to best think about enterprise big data resources. By using a combination of lectures and animations with data analysis software R, he discussed business applications and intuition behind the following statistical Data Science concepts:

  • Probability
  • Data Summaries
  • Sampling variation
  • Difference between continuous and categorical data
  • Measures of correlation
  • Other association scores

We hope that with this first webinar in the Data Science series, you got an understanding of how these concepts associated with Data Science are really intuitive, can be explained without resorting to complex mathematical equations and theorems and can be applied within the context of  your business needs.

Enjoy and see you at the next FREE webinar in the Data Science series “What Questions Can Data Answer?” on June 26, 2013.

While we will cover lot of material in these free webinars, a more comprehensive deep dive of these topics is available in a three day training course titled “Introduction to Big Data Analytics for Big Data Analytics for Managers and Decision Makers“. For now we are offering this training in St. Louis only. Drop us a word if you think we should offer this course in your city or online.

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