Free Webinar: What Methods Can Be Used to Analyze Data? – Data Science – Part 3 of 3

An applied data scientist’s main job is to find the correct Data Science method(s) to analyze data to answer a client’s question. These tasks require that the data scientists and analysts understand deeply the mathematics and assumptions required to make sure the method is appropriate.


In this webinar we present a high-level overview of the major Data Science methods used with Big Data, and show how they apply within the context of a business.  With this overview the attendee will be better prepared for talking with analysts and understanding how the results of these analyses are interpreted.


Business applications and intuition behind the following more advanced Data Science methods used in Big Data analytics will be discussed:

  • Prediction models
  • Classification theory
  • Data mining
  • Error rates for measuring accuracy


About The Presenter


The webinar will include lectures, case studies and animations as needed with data analysis software R to illustrate the concepts.

Read the details and download associated files from the first two webinars in the Data Science series:

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Webinar URL and dial-in information will be provided closer to the event start date.

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