Professional Training

Analytics professionals seeking Big Data expertise and mentoring will thrive with Inferology’s expert educators. Inferology offers cutting-edge classes in Data Science and analytical tools as well as interest-driven authentic Big Data projects supported by mentors adept at both high-level analysis and project management.

Inferology alumni will find themselves positioned to thrive in one of the top analytical careers of the 21st Century. Training features for professionals include the following:

  • Cutting-edge analytics instruction essential for corporate and public careers
  • Project-based Big Data training with real-world data and real-world problems
  • Expert instructors with industry experience and vast career networks
  • Options for strengthening core math and analytical skills
  • Sequential coursework to systematically elevate Big Data knowledge and skills
  • Fast-track training in essential software programs and hardware platforms
  • Project-driven learning and assessment
  • Extensive mentoring support throughout coursework and career readiness
  • Intensive career-networking support
  • Cost-effective opportunity to upgrade Big Data skills and career paths

At the completion of our Data Science program, graduates will have attained industry-level experience running Big Data projects from start-to-finish and are qualified for placement by Inferology Career Services.

Infer-ology /inˈfəräləjē/ - The Art and Science of Inferring What Matters.